Joshua Mowll

Joshua Mowll



I have a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design, and from 1994 to 2010 I worked for the Mail on Sunday graphics department on both the main paper and its many supplements. During this time I also wrote several novels: my Operation Red Jericho trilogy was published in over 20 countries. Since then I have been working as a graphic designer and art director for a wide variety of clients including BP/Castrol and a number of London-based clients.

I really enjoy working across a wide set of disciplines: these encompass 2D print (including branding and brochure design), 3D (CGI) illustration, artworking, image retouching and photography. I also have experience in large scale artworking for architectural projects.

Current and recent clients:

BP/Castrol / Design consultant to the Operational Excellence Division (ongoing); additional work undertaken for marketing division and other Castrol internal projects.

I have worked with Josh for the past 6 years in both my role as VP of Operational Excellence at Sara Lee/Douwe Egberts and now at BP/Castrol and I have no hesitation in recommending him. My work with Josh has mainly been in communicating complex business problems and solutions in a visual way, articulating what sometimes you just cannot really capture in words. Whether it’s just one incredible creative or a simple Powerpoint deck or some new branding, he can translate what you want and professionalise the whole look and feel. Works to my last minute deadlines (sorry!), sometimes with just a handwritten scribble (sorry again!), but then what he creates is both exactly what I was looking for and to an exceptionally high standard and quality. Again could not recommend him enough!’ Jackie Driscoll | BP/Castrol Global Program Director Customer Excellence & Director of Operational Excellence (Europe)

Mappin and Webb + Watches of Switzerland / Design work for major campaigns.

Agua Fabrics / Design consultant working on all aspects of the brand’s graphics and communications, including product and location photography (ongoing).

Orvec International / Working on presentations for their international airline clients.

Kate Maestri Glass / Glass artist working on international projects including a major work for Arlanda International Airport, Sweden; presentation design, CGI visuals and artworking.

Kerry Lemon (Artist) / A wide variety of technical artworking projects, from chocolate boxes for Charbonnel and Walker, to large scale building hoardings.

‘I have been working with Josh for many years and his attention to detail and technical ability has enabled me to take on and successfully deliver numerous large scale complicated projects. He has been fundamental to the success of my business, reliable, smart, delivering on time and on budget and above all a COMPLETE pleasure to work with.’ Kerry Lemon.

Wardour Communications Ltd / 3d CGI work for British Heart Foundation.

KJA Artists / Illustration agency - CGI work for their large client base.

Victoria Jerram Lighting / Branding and brochure design

Mitzman Architects LLP / Brochure design